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Rivana Gold & Diamonds Launches one in a Million ‘The Trillion Collection’

Known for crafting fine diamond jewellery for the determined women of today, Rivana Gold & Diamonds embarks upon this season with the Trillion Collection, an edition crafted with trillion cut diamonds designed to suit every occasion.

The Trillion Collection by Rivana is exclusively crafted using fine diamonds in trillion - a triangular shape which is a rare motif in everyday jewellery.  The unique geometric shape makes the jewellery appear edgier and sharp. Triangle as a shape stands for many emotions and is open to several interpretations. The three sides of a diamond can represent the multi-faceted woman of today. It can also represent the trinity that is the union of body, mind and soul. The shape also stands for an atmospheric interpretation of fashion. The unique motif captured by Trillion Collection brings definitive geometric shape but is open to interpretation and can be what you want it to be, making it just like the modern and ambitious Rivana woman.

The unconventional Trillion Collection brings with it necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and cocktail rings. This edition also explores cluster-set diamonds that make every piece chunkier. Like every Rivana product, the Trillion Collection brings the magnificent assortment of certified diamonds casted in hallmarked 18k white gold and brings superior craftsmanship that encapsulates unmatched creative talent.

This edition is the ideal workwear for a woman who dares to stand out and is not afraid to be unique. The Trillion Collection by Rivana Gold & Diamonds can be an ideal gifting option for that special woman in your life too. She could be a mother, a wife, a best friend or a woman who is special to you in more than a trillion ways.
Buy from the Trillion Collection at the Rivana Gold & Diamonds Retail Outlet.

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