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Ahmedabad based 16-year-old Launches “The Unwanted”- A Zero Waste, Biodegradable Product Brand

About a month ago, a 16-year-old Preity Doshi started an initiative called 'The Unwanted'. 'The Unwanted' is a small-scale, zero-waste, biodegradable product brand which thrives on The Three R’s waste hierarchy. The brand puts Reduce, Reuse & Recycle to practical use by using textile waste to make products of everyday usage. The brand also generates employment among the underprivileged from various slums.

The young adult, Preity Doshi believes that Waste management is the future, & we as a community cannot afford to produce more. She stresses on the need to create more products out of waste to make sure we don't create more landfills.

Since childhood, Preity had frequented her mother's boutique but was always oblivious to all the textile waste around her. Being the daughter of Purvi Doshi, a pioneer of sustainable and vegan fashion in India, she was exposed to the idea of sustainability and the importance to co-exist with the environment.

Preity Doshi, Founder of The Unwanted, expresses, “My mom was already into sustainable fashion and kept adopting different methods to reduce wastage, but it wasn't until this summer that I got inspired and felt like doing my bit. I started observing the world around me. Everywhere I looked, there was all of this waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes the Earth! And felt the need to do something about it, as I have learnt from my mother that every small step towards sustainability counts.”

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