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Sneha Namanandi in a big webseries with alt balaji,

Sneha Namanandi is an Indian actress who would be seen in a big webseries with alt balaji, the name of which can't be revealed right now. She has featured in a song called tu meri gal and it is releasing on the 25rh of June.

The song Tu Meri Gal is sung by Karan Singh Arora who has had hits such as Bekadra, Magnet, Relationshit and many more. Sneha looks like a dream in the song. The song is shot in the beautiful locales of Houston texas. It's a beautiful romantic peppy number which is sure to get the youth of the nation grooving to it. We spoke to sneha and here is what she has got to say, " I am super excited about this. It was amazing shooting for this in Houston. Its one for the ages and I hope the audience reciprocates the love."

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