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Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha’s 'Holistic Healing' in demand internationally

In recent times it is noticed that artists in entertainment arena are multi-faceted. Apart from acting, many actors are proficient in dance, singing, painting, swimming, running, yoga etc. Being in audio visual medium majority of the actors are very conscious about health. Mental health is equally important along with physical health. An actor who has been aware of physical and mental balance, has acquired doctorate in ' Alternative medicines' to persue 'Holistic Healing' and is now spending her time helping solving other’s problems. Vinita Ghosalkar (nee) and now Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha runs ‘Infinite Healing® Centre’ which is helping a lot of people to come over all sorts of ailments. Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha’s amazing and unique modality is on the lines of ‘The spiritual theorems’. In her clinic reiki, tarot card reading, aura cleansing, crystal ball gazing, ‘chakra’ balancing etc is taught. She is a qualified Forensic graphologist also. Infinite Healing® and it's holistic approach is now in demand internationally too.

Vinita Ghosalkar, now Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha, was into entertainment industry and has acted in plays as well as was part of television serials. She has acted in plays like ‘Take It Easy’, ‘BuvaTethe Bayaa’ and featured in marathi and hindi serials like ‘Teen Tera Pimpalzad’, ‘Baa Bahu aur Baby’. She always says that due to exposure to this field she could understand about body language, psychology, action-reaction of people as well as between-the-line thought-process of people.

She is a voice-over artist and her voice could still be heard in our mobile IVRS system. She falls into category of a very few artists who gave away the razzmatazz of entertainment world easily. After marrying Mr. Deepak Rajadhyakasha, who is a noted film director and a theater personality, Avanii started Infinite Healing® Centre with his encouragement. It’s more encouraging for that her Holistic Centre’s reputation has reached Europe as well. 25th and 26th of May this year she conducted workshops and apprised about Holistic Healing which was well received.

Actor turned Holistic Healer Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha has come a long way and expects to expand her horizon globally.

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