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Paradise Lost" an artistic show by H.R Das

"Paradise Lost" an artistic show by H.R Das to be held at Jehangir Art Gallery from 7th to 13th May

Artist H. R. Das has been showcasing his artistic talents through various exhibitions in India & abroad since long decades. His aesthetic & cheerful "Bull" series has acquired a valuable space in the inner minds of whole art arena.

His upcoming show "paradise lost" which will be held in Jehangir art gallery from 7th to 13th May, will unveil a very new series which is indicating both the prevailing bad effects of natural evolution on all living creatures & reflection of remembrance of the childhood social aesthetical decadence. The colour combinations & themes of all the paintings are decoding a special meaningful message for the new generations.

Along with him his better half Ms. Dipa Das also will exhibit her new series "panchabhuta" which is an own unique innovative geometrical creation of triangular prismatic game of soft & cool mix media colours.

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