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Hindi Play Review Welcome, Zindagi – An eye Opener with a humor | 4 Star

  • Directed by Tushar Gandhi
  • Written by SSanjay Jha
  • Cast – Sudhir Pande, Raj Premi, Tushar Kapadia, Minakshi Mani, Sandip Gaikwad, Aditi Bhashkar, Abraam Pandey
  • Rating –
  • Length: 120Mins

Very well acted and directed. All the cast did full justice to their characters Specially Sudhir Pandey and Raj Premi. Both have crucial role and story roams around them majorly. Interesting twist and turns make this play unpredictable. 2nd half is engaging while 1st half is introduction and filled with light hearted humor.

What if you get to know that you have only 30 days to live? Welcome, Zindgi Focus around the lead character Ashutosh (Sudhir Pande) a retiring government servant and his family including Indu(Minakshi Mani) his wife, Setu(Aditi Bhashkar) his daughter and Aayush(Abraam Pandey) his son. Being a miser and old fashioned Ashutosh never paid any attention to his family's needs proclaiming it to do it once gets retirement.

Time and Tide waits for none and so with the hero of our play. Yamraj (Raj Premi) comes personally to take him away on the same day of his retirement. Aashutosh is found dumbstruck as he had lots to do in his kitty. He asks Yamraj for 30 days to complete all his duties towards his family. There start the emotion commotion and the comedy of life.

Storyline is quite impressive with an eye opening conclusion.

  • Key Take away: Live Life to the fullest with your Family, don’t be miser

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