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Tushar Lall’s new track ‘Sifar’ – The moment of Enlightenment


 Qyuki creator, Tushar Lall, releases his new track ‘Sifar’ which marks the moment when Gautam Buddha received enlightenment.

Sifar marks the transitional moment when the royal prince who had abandoned his possessions in the search of god realization sits in mediation only to awaken his innermost self. The track is a soulful rendition which has been created over a span of months.
From the time Tushar performed Sifar at the Youtube Fanfest, it took him almost 1 year to bring the entire project together. 
The ace musician Tushar Lall reached out to multiple artist like Budapest Orchestra, Mame Khan, Tajinder Singh and Shatadru to create this symphony.

Talking about the track, Tushar Lall shares “Sifar took me almost 6 months to develop. It wouldn’t be possible without the people who helped make it, the Budapest art orchestra, me and my orchestrator Samarth. Tajinder Singh and Shatadru Kabir & Mame Khan.
The Qyuki family has always had my back from the very start as well as pushing this track on all platforms.”

*Mr. Sagar Gokhale, Chief Operating Officer of Qyuki shares ‘Tushar is one of the finest musicians we know. His music is so different and applauds worthy. Sifar is all the more unique since it has its symphonies created by the Budapest Orchestra and artists like Tajinder Singh, Shatadru Kabir and Mame Khan who joined in this collab. The music industry rewards those who work hard and we are excited to be part of  Tushar’s journey and be his supporters in every way possible.”*

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