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I knew my league, discovery of "The Pickup Artist" at WorldFest Houston validated it. - says debutant director Rohit Arora

World's oldest independent film festival "Worldfest Houston"
which discovered the likes of Steven Spielberg (Director, Jurassic park), George Lucas (Director, Star Wars) , Ang Lee (Director, The Life of Pi) , David Lynch (Director, Mulholland Drive), Coen Brothers (Director, Barton Fink) and Francis Ford Coppola (Director, The Godfather) is all set to Premiere Indian Feature Film "The Pickup Artist" directed by Rohit Arora.

“I have been fascinated with world cinema ever since internet opened-up for Indians. I could never find that sort of thoughtful engagement in most Indian films. As an actor I have been a part of content I could not relate to. It has been years and years of struggle to reach a stage where I could confidently work on something that I believe is superior to everything that I have ever known. No point making something that has already been made, there is no creativity in that. I wanted to create something that is an extension to myself, honest and thoughtful. The Pickup Artist is an example of mindful entertainment I look for in films that I like to watch. I could not make something I wouldn’t watch. 
The artist in me does not allow me to sell my soul for the sake of “market” or “money”.  After years of resistance, we have reached a stage where my vision is being applauded internationally. I knew my league, discovery of The Pickup Artist at WorldFest Houston validated it. It is a time for the whole team to rejoice and indulge in the success and fame it brings us. I believe it is a great beginning for several movies yet to be born from my twisted mind.” –says Rohit buckling-up for his trip to US for the Premiere in April.

The Pickup Artist is produced by Roar Picture Company and is due for domestic release this year.

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