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The Royal Enfield 650 Twins launched in India

  • Highly anticipated Royal Enfield Twin motorcycles launched in India  - The Interceptor INT 650 to be available starting at Rs. 2,50,000 and the Continental GT 650 to be available starting at Rs. 2,65,000 (ex-showroom)
  • Test rides and display to open across 14 cities starting November 14th, however, bookings are open across the country
  • Royal Enfield has also begun online bookings for the Twins and its other motorcycles starting November 14th

Following an enthusiastic reception from the world's press at the recent global launch of its all-new Continental GT 650 Twin and Interceptor INT 650 Twin mid-sized motorcycles, and following its recent European launch at EICMA 2018, Royal Enfield is delighted to bring the full-production versions of the motocycles to riding enthusiasts in India.

Launched nationally here in Goa today, and across 120 dealerships in India, the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 will be available across 14 key metro and mini metro cities starting November 14th 2018. These motorcycles will be available across the country in a phased manner. Bookings for the Twin motorcycles, however, will begin on November 14th, across all dealerships in India. Motorcycle deliveries will begin starting end of November.

Royal Enfield will also begin Online Motorcycle Booking facility with the launch of the 650 Twins on November 14th. Consumers across the world, can log and book their favourite Twin motorcycle or other Royal Enfield motorcycles, by paying the booking amount, for deliveries across 120 dealerships in India to begin with. 

The 650 Twin motorcycles will come with a 3-year warranty and Roadside Assistance service. These motorcycles will also come with over 40 Genuine Motorcycle Accessories that will have a 2-year warranty. The  launch prices for the motorcycles in India will be:

Price in India (in INR*)
Interceptor INT 650 - Standard
[Orange Crush | Silver Spectre | Mark Three]
Interceptor INT 650 - Custom
[Ravishing Red | Baker Express]
Interceptor INT 650 - Chrome
[Glitter & Dust]
Continental GT 650 - Standard
[Black Magic | Ventura Blue]
Continental GT 650 - Custom
[Ice Queen | Dr. Mayhem]
Continental GT 650 - Chrome
[Mister Clean]
(Prices are ex-showroom)

In order to maintain accessibility across India, ex-showroom prices in Karnataka and Kerala have been kept at a lower level in order to accomodate for higher levies and taxes in the states. In Karnataka, the Standard Interceptor INT 650 will be priced at Rs. 2,34,020/- and in Kerala it will be priced at Rs. 2,33,878/-. Similarly, the Standard Continental GT 650 will be priced at Rs. 249164/- in Karnataka and Rs. 248878/- in Kerala

The Twin motorcycles will also make a debut this year at Rider Mania, after being showcased last year at India’s largest gathering of Royal Enfield riders from across the world. Participants at Rider Mania will have an opportunity to pre-book limited test ride seats for these motorcycles in Goa and also place bookings.

Commenting on the launch of the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 in India,Siddhartha Lal, CEO - Royal Enfield said, “We’ve been on an exciting journey over the last ten years, and believe that we are excellently poised to grow the mid-weight motorcycling segment globally. We have invested in our capabilities, in manufacturing and in our retail network and distribution, and in building an ecosystem of pure motorcycling lifestyle through gear and apparel, rides and events and other new formats. The launch of the 650 Twin motorcycles adds many more miles to this journey, and is the perfect opportunity to further our ambition of growing the leisure motorcycling market across the world. Keeping these motorcycles accessible is a key objective for us to bring in new people to the Royal Enfield way of pure motorcycling lifestyle and give our existing enthusiasts an irresistible opportunity to upgrade. We strongly believe that the 650 Twins will be an attractive, evocative motorcycle for our customers across India”

It was just a year ago at Rider Mania 2017 that Royal Enfield unveiled the prototypes of its first twin-cylinder offering in half-a-century. After months of developing, refining and improving the initial designs based on tens of thousands of kilometers of road and track testing on parts, aggregates and motorcycles, the production motorcycles are now rolling off the line and ready to be shipped to international dealers in the first phase of Royal Enfield’s global expansion plans.

Commenting about the launch of the Royal Enfield Twins, Rudratej Singh, President, Royal Enfield, said, “In India, the twins will play a strategic upgrade role within our range. Our portfolio lineup is now very robust with this launch. We expect the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 to offer the perfect opportunity for many of our Royal Enfield customers to move up towards the top end of the middle-weight segment. Our headroom is sizeable, with three million Royal Enfield customers, many of whom have been waiting for the next expression of pure motorcycling. We’re confident that these motorcycles will also appeal to a newer set of enthusiasts who have been waiting for a twin cylinder motorcycle from us. To start off, we’re delighted to first offer these beautiful motorcycles for booking and test rides to our community here in Goa who are attending Rider Mania 2018

At the heart of every Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin and Interceptor INT 650 Twin, is the built-in fun factor provided by each model's special combination of an agile chassis (developed at the company’s UK Technology Centre with legendary sports motorcycle frame builder Harris Performance) and a simple but state-of-the-art air-cooled, 650cc engine producing a punchy yet user-friendly 47 horsepower.

As well as emitting a gorgeous exhaust note, the engine offers ample pulling power to make the motorcycle  unfussy to ride in urban traffic and exhilarating on the open road - meaning the Continental GT 650 and Interceptor INT 650 offer the perfect motorcycling package for both experienced and novice owners.   
The Continental GT 650 will appeal especially to sporting riders with its optional single seat, sculpted fuel tank, rearset footrests and race-style clip-on handlebars, all of which have been ergonomically designed to remain comfortable in the city, on the highway or on the twisting back roads where the motorcycle really comes alive.

The Interceptor INT 650, meanwhile, harks back to Royal Enfield's 1960s twins through its teardrop tank with traditional knee recesses, comfortable, quilted dual seat and wide, braced handlebars reminiscent of the street scrambler style that emerged in '60s California. Its comfortable and commanding riding position make the Interceptor both fun and practical on all types of terrain, from curving coastal roads to the urban jungle, for heading out of town two-up or for cruising down to the beach.

With individuality being key to today's riders, both the Continental GT 650 and the Interceptor INT 650 can be had in Standard or Custom versions with a wide range of retro options ranging from special paint colours and pin stripes to retro-cool bar-end mirrors, optional fly screens and alternative finishes for items such as wheels, lights and suspension components.

Both motorcycles, come with a range of Royal Enfield Gear and apparel that are inspired by the 60’s and reflect the cuts and silhouettes from the cultural contexts and the era of these motorcycles. Comprising of Clymer and Spirit jackets, a curated range of t-shirts, helmets, leo boots, ankle-high sneakers, and covert Cordura jeans and Streetborn Gloves, the range of Gear, aesthetically fuses classic styling with contemporary functionality.

The Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650, also come with a suite of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, that in addition to providing comfort, styling and protection, also lend as a means to self expression for the rider. The range comprises of new functional and protective accessories such as engine guards, lifting handle, pannier mounts and an auxiliary electrical port, and also includes styling accessories such as chrome and stainless steel silencer slip ons, acrylic fly screen, single and twin seat cowls, and soft canvas panniers.

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