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Fitting-in is not Fitness. And greater than Fitness is ‘Wellness’!

While there is so much noise about being in shape, losing the extra inches, body shaming, overweight and underweight issues, importance of outer appearance, including innumerable others’, we have a modern age entrepreneur, a Lady Boss, Bulbeer Gandhi strongly claiming that “Fitting-in is not Fitness, and that greater than Fitness is ‘Wellness”. The fever of “Fitting-in” is not just been mushrooming but spreading like a virus across peoples’ personal and professional space; for over valuing God’s gift of life we are often engrossed in worrying about meeting society’s parameters of being  perfect, or close to perfect.
In the said situations of chaos today our society needs more people like Gandhi, who could stand up for “Fitting-in, is not the judging limit for any society or a body to decide whether one FITS-IN or not”. Gandhi says it is important to not let craziness of meeting society’s pressure get on to us; for she believes that the outer world should not get to define what’s right for you.

Gandhi rather emphasizes on one to realize that “Balance can't be taken for granted; it must be maintained — both in mind and body. And that’s exactly where she has derived her principle i.e. “Fitting-in is not Fitness, and that ‘Wellness’ is greater than Fitness”. Gandhi further endorses that while it is important to follow general physical fitness and targeted exercises to improve balance, it is equally, in fact more important to stay mentally active to maintain brain health. After all a sharp mind helps you to think — and stay — on your feet.
Whether you are working or not your schedule will always be unpredictable, says Gandhi. You will have conflicting responsibilities that pull you in multiple directions at once. You will travel too much, have late hours and cross time zones: all things that wreak havoc on your body. Your health - both physical and emotional - are critically important. Keeping yourself in mentally sound and tip-top shape is the requirement for being a great leader or a great home-maker.
The regime Gandhi advises everyone to follow for managing metal health includes regular yoga or meditation, socializing with loved ones, sleeping for 7-9 hours every night, doing something creative, eating right and most importantly loving and nurturing ownself. In addition she also recommends infusing concepts that promote mental and physical health into special occasions; she believes it is one of the best practices through which you can pass on good habits to your kids, family and friends. As for her very recent birthday she was seen celebrating the occasion with her kids, family and friends doing core-strength training and power yoga.
“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place”, says Gandhi, in addition she also stated that her wellness regime not only helps her in her personal space but professional too.
Gandhi who is known for turning the Lifestyle arm of ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd into a triumphant and indispensable corporate chapter says that, being the Director of an exhibition company isn’t for wimps; atop the said if you are a woman then it is completely a different story. All the metal that she has proven is considered parallel to substance by the industry leaders; and what’s impressive is that she has never hesitated from giving an equal credit to her wellness regime for all her success.  
It is high time that we get on to living and leading a healthy and quality life than to live for pleasing others.

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