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Celebrities spread the message to stop ‘Behen Ki Gaali’

Chirag Bagaria from Proton, Harshali Zine and Ravindra Nayak of Corronet Innovations at Andheri Station

In a diverse and multilingual country like India, learning a new language always is adrenaline pumping. However speakers of any language range from sophisticated and civilized to uncivilized and foul. Indians, in general, are habituated to using swear words in their communication. Every region, language or social group has its own set of foul words which are widely prevalent among its speakers. Some of the foul words are however common to all. These are readily used by certain individuals, not always as a way of insulting but also sometimes as a catharsis too. One such swear word used commonly and liberally by Indians is ‘BEHENC@*&’

Proton Communications – a communications agency came up with this unique idea of celebrating Raksha-Bandhan with this social message which received the support of various celebrities. Raksha-Bandhan is usually celebrated as the day of bonding between brothers and sisters. The festival has become an occasion of national solidarity and state tradition. This Raksha-Bandhan , Proton Communications through the help of various celebrities decided to carry on various activities urging people to give up this word. This move was supported by various Bollywood and TV celebrities, radio stations and news channels.


Speaking on the occasion Sonu Sood said, “I wish you a great Raksha-Bandhan ; I want a promise from all my fans to stop using ‘behen ki gaali’ and to stop other people from using it as well. Have a super year ahead.” Actress Harshali Zine who has been a part of TV shows like Diya Aur Baati Hum & Hitler Didi said; “Every brother gives some or the other gifts to his sister on this day be it chocolates, mobile phone, Jewellery etc. I urge all the brothers to stop using ‘behen ki gaali’ from this Raksha-Bandhan . This could be one of the best gifts that you can ever give to your sister." She was also a part of the on-ground activity for this campaign at Andheri Station. 

Singer Bhoomi Trivedi also gave out a strong message saying “Do you guys abuse your sisters? No. Then why use ‘behen ki gaali’. Pledge that this Raksha-Bandhan you will stop using ‘behen ki gaali’.” Actress Vindhya Tiwari who was a part of TV Shows like Naagin 2 and Sasural Simar Ka said “Raksha-Bandhan strengthens the bond of a brother-sister relationship . I want to request everyone to take a pledge to stop using ‘behen Ki gaali’ and this could be the best gift that anyone can give to all the sisters.” Actress Gauri Tonk who was a part of TV shows like Kahin Kissi Roz and Ek Boond Ishq said, “A very happy Rakshabandhan to all of you. We all love our sisters so much and can’t even bear to hear a single word against them. If you love your sister so much then why use ‘behen ki gaali’. I request all of you to stop using this swear word. Any word said with aggression helps relieve anger. Let’s pledge to stop using this word.” Comic Balraj Syal who is currently in Australia gave out this message “I wish all the brothers celebrating the festival with their sisters and those like me who are far off but still celebrating the festival in spirit a very happy Raksha-Bandhan . Let’s pledge that this Raksha-Bandhan we will not use ‘behen ki gaali’ and will motivate others also to do so.”

Actress Aashi Gaur of the TV Show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’ commenting on the occasion said, “Wish you all a very happy Raksha-Bandhan . I am asking for the biggest gift this Raksha-Bandhan from my brother and request all you sisters out there to do the same. Brother you have given me everything, but this time I need a promise from you that you will stop using ‘behen ki gaali’ yourself and also stop others from doing it.” Actress Neha Marda said “This Raksha-Bandhan let's take an oath to stop using ‘ behen ki gaali’ and educate everyone else also. Wish you all a very happy Raksha Bandhan .” Jayesh Joshi, Maha-Mantri, Business & Industries Cell, BJP also supported the campaign and extended his full support for the noble idea. Commenting on the occasion he said “I request all brothers to stop using ‘behen ki gaali’ and stop anyone else who uses it. This could be a real gift for your sister. Jai Hind.” Poonam Dhillon, Jyotii Sethi, Anuritta Jha, Nandhish Sandhu, Sakshi Pradhan, Hritu Dudani, Raju Shisatkar also extended their support to the campaign.

Chirag Bagaria, Business Head, Proton Communications said “We are a communications agency and believe in giving out clear and strong messages; be it for our clients or for the society. Our team ideated this campaign #SpeakRight and through the help of various celebrities and on-ground activities we could get this message across. 'Bhaiya iss Rakshabandhan Behen ki gaali dena chhod do' was the central message that we gave out through the #SpeakRight campaign.”

Ravindra Nayak of Corronet Innovations whose event company executed the campaign said; “We have old relations with Proton Communications, and when they came to us for execution of the campaign we got rolling. It was a good idea and a great time to roll out the message. A high traffic area like Andheri station was the perfect place for the campaign as there are a lot of footfalls of the suburban train and metro travellers. We plan to take the #SpeakRight campaign to newer heights going forward with more places to activate.”

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