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Intimate Wear Industry to have continued growth of 15% CAGR for next 5 years

Intimate Wear Industry is the fastest growing segment of Textile & Apparel Industry, reports IAAI

The intimate apparel industry in India is thriving and is the fastest-growing sector of the textile and apparel industry in India. The industry has an estimated value of $245 billion and yet it is still kind of a closeted industry. While intimate apparel industries across the world are given equal priority as any other top fashion category, the intimate apparel industry in India is highly unorganized and does not even have a proper road map going forward. Industry stakeholders are hopeful that INTIMASIA is going to change that. INTIMASIA is India's largest intimate apparel trade event that will be held at the Adlux International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Ernakulam, Kochi from 8-10 March. Yusuf Dohadwala, the CEO of the Intimate Apparel Association of India (IAAI), says, 

"All over India, there are millions of fragmented retailers and brands with very limited regional presence. With INTIMASIA, we hope to integrate the industry that will facilitate the proliferation of international brands and designer labels in intimate wear and thus revamp the lucrative industry."

Indian Intimate Apparel Industry to Have Unprecedented Growth
The intimate apparel industry in the country has been growing at a compound annual rate of 15% for the last decade and this exponential growth trend is poised to continue for the next five years. 66% of India's population, which roughly translates to 850 million people, are under the age of 35 and are thus of the working age. And these numbers will probably increase by 2030. So, the country has a young labour force, which along with low labour costs, makes it an attractive and remunerative destination for businesses that want to open or build manufacturing units for finished goods and brands. Thus, India can become a top-ranked name in the creation of labour-intensive commodities like textile and clothing. The wage cost in India is very low compared to neighbouring nations such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and China. And above all, India can attract many businesses by virtue of its existing production facilities that are present at every stage of the supply chain. And INTIMASIA, India's largest intimate apparel trade event ever, is all set to give the industry a huge impetus.

INTIMASIA Set to Kickstart a Revolution 
INTIMASIA is the first of its kind event that will be an eclectic mix of exhibitions, talk shows, seminars, workshops, fashion shows, gala dinner, focus group discussions. It will bring all the industry stakeholders together and provide them with a unique platform for constant industry interaction that is set to revolutionize the industry. The industry will add a much-needed dose of glamour to the booming industry, all the while keeping it commercially viable for the participants. Industry experts hope that the event will lead to the Indian intimate apparel witnessing a fashion revolution that will facilitate lingerie retail. So, anyone, who wants to be a part of the intimate apparel industry while it is on this phenomenal upward growth curve, must become a part of this event. 

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