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Sairandhri -The Musical"- Mahabharata's Epic Story


Announcement of an exhilarating celebration of "Sairandhri -The Musical"- Mahabharata's Epic Story
A combination of Indian classical dance "Kathak" with a touch of "International dance form" Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio

Starring Sandip Soparrkar & Neha Banerjee
In the presence of Sangeeta Bijlani, Dr.Uma Rele, Smita Bharti, Captain Avinash Singh.  

 Dance is always sensitive to history. Now, with a broader acceptance of and respect for dance & history, many dance artists of differing backgrounds work in collaboration, exploring the expressive potential of each other's dance traditions & depict an untold story.

Sandip Soparrkar & Neha Banerjee are among those Indian dancers, who with their International dance form Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio & Classical dance form "Kathak" -inflected modern vocabulary have made successful forays into the international dance scene.

For the first time, celebrated dancers Sandip Soparrkar & Neha Banerjee in their own respective dance formsInternational dance form Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio & Kathak will host an evening where the two luminaries will depict Mahabharata's Epic Story "Sairandhri -The Musical" "Our collaboration brings a dance show which will not only be a visual treat to the audience in terms of different dance forms but also educate the masses about Mahabharata's Epic Story  through an elaborated dance sequence"

What makes "Sairandhri -The Musical"- Mahabharata's Epic Story special is that the choreographic vision are almost always enhanced by costumes, decor and lighting, and animated by music or a soundscape.

Produced & Conceptualized by- Neha Banerjee; Writen & Directed by - Smita Bharti; International dance form Sandip  Soparrkar Ballroom Studio by- Sandip Soparrkar; Classical Choreography by- Dr Uma Rele; Music Director- Vivek Mishra

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