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Fashion shutterbug Lynn Baxter loves Esha Gupta’s butt, wants to shoot her naked derriere

While a lot of men have been infatuated with Esha Gupta's naked ass, this one takes the cake.
International fashion photographer Lynn Baxter so loves Esha Gupta's bum that he said he wants to shoot it from all angles and in different lighting situations.
Yes, you heard it right, Baxter wants to experiment with Esha Gupta's butt, but with his camera and lighting equipment.
Speaking to a Bollywood portal in Mumbai, Baxter said he would ‘love to shoot Esha Gupta’s nude butt. I think Esha has the cutest, yet hottest butt in India, Baxter quipped when asked which Bollywood actress he would like to shoot in the buff.
Award winning international photographer, ad film director, writer and creative consultant Lynn Baxter is all set to make his foray in Bollywood with the international festival film “Twilight Love”.
In Mumbai for the casting for his Photography Yearbook, Baxter claimed that after examining Esha's bum images, her derriere seems to be very versatile and a photographer's delight. Well we do not know about photographers, but we are sure Esha Gupta's bum is every man's delight and as the actress herself said, she is certain thousands of men have saved her nude images on their mobile phones.
Baxter who is casting for Indian models for his Lynn Baxter Photography Yearbook has invited Esha Gupta to be part of the project, adding that he would love to shoot with the bubbly actress in her “birthday suit”.
Earlier, director Maneesh Singh was enamored with Gupta's butt and invited her to be part of his historical, folklore film "Pratapgad". Of course Esha Gupta who is riding a high horse after her butt pics broke the internet was not interested and a disappointed Singh eventually cast another actress in the role, after waiting for one week for a response from Esha Gupta.
One of the most iconic art fashion photographers of all time, Lynn Baxter easily remains the one photographer with whom all the models of the world aspire to work. His work is known under the banner Lynn Baxter Photography or LB Graphix.
In a span of 20-odd years, he has photographed models for over 500 international fashion magazine covers since 1998. His cultural and commercial zeitgeist has made him a much sought-after creative partner in the fashion and beauty industry today.
His work has been featured across the globe in magazines from Vogue to Vanity Fair and Paper to People and he has contributed to the success of many leading fashion and beauty houses and brands through creative out-of-the-box advertising campaigns. In all he has done photography for nearly 3000 ad campaigns across the world as well as for some fragrance brands in India.
Like the Pirelli Calendar the Lynn Baxter Photography Yearbook (LBPY) is an international photography icon or benchmark and appearance in the LBPY has become a mark of distinction for fashion and photographic models who are chosen, as well as for the photographers commissioned to produce the images used.
The film “Twilight Love” is in the pre-production stage right now and is scheduled to go on floor around September-end or October first week. The film will be produced under the banner of Tribhuvan Trilok Films and is produced by Trilok Mukhi and Suneet Vohra. The film will be its second Bollywood project under this banner as the first project has already taken off

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