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" Fans' cheers and support will help us redeem ourselves and make a bigger, better comeback. " - Anup Kumar

After back to back games in Lucknow with contrasting outcomes, captain Anup Kumar speaks about the mood in the camp, the loss against the Telugu Titans, the importance of Shabeer's form and on heading home for the next few days. Transcript below:

On the Team's match results in Lucknow:

Honestly, these contrasting results are not very helpful in building the confidence of the team. If you get into a disheartening loss straight after a good win, somewhere the team loses confidence and morale and unfortunately it reflects on the performance.

On the loss against the Telugu Titans:

I don't think it was a case of nerves at all. We gave away the lead due to a tactical fault when in for an advanced tackle on Rahul Chaudhary. That is when the game took a turn against us. For good raiders of Rahul's calibre, advanced tackles are not the way to go and we should have not attempted that.

On the importance of Shabeer's form:

Shabeer is one of the best raiders we have today. We need him to consistently perform like he did against UP to make U Mumba an unstoppable team. His raids are quick and he targets crucial performers in the opposition.

On young defender Surinder Singh:

Surinder is experienced and is a very efficient young player. I think it's his aggression that affects his performance rather than inexperience. He will obviously learn with time and will learn soon enough how to temper his aggression and to approach his game calmly, avoiding attempts on every raider.

On returning to Mumbai for the home leg

Mumbai has always been the most important leg for us and this year we need to win all six matches to make it to the playoffs - making it an even more crucial leg for us. But we have amazing fans whose cheers and support will help us redeem ourselves and make a bigger, better comeback.

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