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The power of Lipstick at the Box office!

The Lipstick reign continues at the box office, the film showed outstanding growth of over 80% at the box office, going from  1.22cr on Friday, to 2.17 cr on Saturday!! 

The massive growth reflects the love and acceptance of audiences across who've added strong word of mouth to the already high on curiosity film. 

Deemed too 'lady-oriented' by the CBFC, the film is also re-writing all the rules at the box office with such solid numbers! 

The film that opened to packed houses on Friday with a total of 1.22cr; the Saturday number of 2.17 cr has taken the two day total to 3.39 cr, a first ever total for a film of this size. 

The Saturday jump has come because of the strong word of mouth, which is driving the audiences in across key metros. Theatres across the metros have increased the number of shows as well owing to higher audience demands and strong reviews and word of mouth. 

The film has managed to shatter all box office assumptions by raking in 3.39cr in just two days and is set for a spectacular Sunday as well. 
New box office rules have officially been written, with Lipstick ;)

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